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A heat pump is a type of air conditioner where the refrigeration cycle can be reversed which then produces warm and not cold air in your home. One of the more popular models is the Carrier heat pumps.

These devices are more popular in climates that are milder during the winter because they become quite inefficient in cold weather. They work better when the temperature is forty to five-five degrees Fahrenheit. The reason they do not work best in extreme cold weather is that the coil in the outdoor unit forms ice on it and thus it blocks the flow of air over the coil.

Carrier heat pumps are one of the more popular brands on the market. The company is rather aggressive in its marketing campaign and as they manufacture other products such as air conditioners. A heat pump will save the average homeowner on their operating costs. The cost of purchasing a unit may be somewhat high but that cost is made up in the lower operating costs.

Some homeowners overcome the problem of the ice buildup during cold months by having them installed in tandem with a natural gas or oil furnace. The furnace is used during the cold months allowing the Carrier heat pump to function effectively during the rest of the year.  It is just a matter of switching your system to the furnace when it is too cold for the heat pump. For assistance in this setup, it is best to consult with a professional. Your local heat pump dealer may also provide service for this installation and setup as well.

If you are unsure of where you can purchase Carrier heat pumps, look in your local yellow pages under heat pumps or air conditioners. Most dealers will list the brand names that they carry. You can also just give them a call to find out what they specifically offer.



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